We offer a full service office coffee service.

Gourmet coffee, tea and coffee product. Delivered to your office for free!


Who isn’t familiar with a cup of Starbucks coffee or Tazo teas?  Keep employees, clients and guests impressed with a freshly brewed coffee or beverage in your office.  Starbucks® coffee, Tazo® tea, hot cocoa and other delicious products are available for delivery to businesses.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Since 1966, Peet’s Coffee & Tea delivers exceptional quality using the finest coffees from the top growing regions.  Alfred Peet’s, a renowned coffee and tea merchant, original vision of craftsmanship and attention to detail continues today with hand-roasting in small batches.  Enjoy the distinctive deep-roasted flavor of Peet’s  and taste the difference.

Wolfgang Puck

As Wolfgang Puck puts it, “there is no substitute for quality, passion and love.” Savor estate grown coffee for a gourmet coffee experience in your office. Our coffee experts can help you with a customized solution using Woflgang’s coffee and tea pods, and portion packs.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee® starts in the ground and on it.  We work with coffee farmers, cultivating decades-long relationships to ensure our quality standards are met around the world. While we’re in the field, we learn and share best practices with other producers.  Coffees all about blend names and regions. What do they mean? What do they taste like? That’s why we’re pretty proud of our Level System—it’s kind of a game changer. We developed a simple system of five distinct Levels, with flavor and boldness profiles that span the entire range of coffee enjoyment.

Keurig Green Mountain

Bring a fresh-brewed premium coffee experience to your office.  Green Mountain includes gourmet coffees, teas, and hot cocoas—over 100 varieties from the brands your employees love.   Please everyone with a variety of delicious, premium specialty beverages—brewed one cup at a time.   It’s easy to keep your employees happy and productive with the Keurig brewing system and a collection of specialty beverages.


Folgers Coffee, founded in 1850 in San Francisco, has remained an iconic American brand for great-tasting coffee.   They continue to produce superior quality coffee, using Mountain Grown beans ripened to perfection.  Today, Folgers offers a variety of coffees from regular roasts, flavored, gourmet, decaf, cappuccino and even “stomach friendly.”

Maxwell House

Maxwell House and Yuban Coffee is another popular American brand.

Legend has it that in 1907, President Teddy Roosevelt visited Maxwell House, the prestigious Nashville hotel, and after finishing a cup of their namesake coffee, he declared it was, “good to the last drop.”  By 1920, Maxwell House was a household name.

Enjoy a variety of coffee products from ground coffee, pods and a full line of International Cafes.

Pod Coffees by Baronet Roasters

Baronet Coffee has been importing and roasting high quality coffee since 1930.
For three generations Baronet Coffee has never lost focus on what has made us successful; delivering the ultimate coffee experience to our loyal customers. Try our
single serve coffee pods and you will see what people have loved for almost 80 years.  We offer several selections for coffee and teas, check us out in the partner section.

keurig commer

Coffee Pods for Keurig